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Hello Fellow Student, I am available to tutor a wide variety of subjects, but am especially good in Math, Languages and Dance. I have worked as a Tutor with several private tutoring companies, working with students in school subjects and standardized tests. I have taken the GMAT and LSAT as well. I speak Spanish (the best, very fluent for years since I first learned in high school 15 years ago), German (minor in college), and Italian, and have traveled all over Europe. I graduated college with honors. I obtained my B.S. in Business Administration - Double Major in International Business and Finance, Cum Laude, in 2003, and obtained my Master's degree MBA in Business in 2006 with 3.7 GPA. I dance all styles of dance including ballroom, salsa, swing, and tango. I excel in math and business subjects like accounting, finance, economics, business law, computer science. I have tutored age groups from kindergarten through late high school and early college age, and a wide variety of subjects. My approach to tutoring is a hands-on approach, where the student interacts a lot with the tutor. I personally learn best visually and by doing, and I like to make sure my students learn in a similar way. I like to have a relaxed, friendly, casual atmosphere when tutoring, and I like to motivate students and provide lots of positive encouragement when they are doing well. I am located in Santa Clarita Valley/Valencia, CA. I look forward to working with you! Thanks, Jessica


CSUN, CA, 2006
Masters, MBA

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