Message Austin

Hi EVeryone, I am currently Studying Computational Mathematics and Computer Science in Santa Monica College, I am looking to get an assoicate's degree in 2019 and then proceed to get my bachelor's degree from CSU Longbreach or UC Merced. I first got into tutoring in my pre-calculus class. Several students were having a very difficult time in thee time and I took it upon me to form a study group and it was a massive success. F's into B's. It was great, after that I became a private tutor one for of the students for years. It's fun, working with people and discovering they are good at. It can be very rewarding I've been a private tutor helping kids and college students In California. Some of my strong suits includes: mathematics, American history, and biology. I have tutored in pre-calculus, knesology, C++ programming, phyics, music studies, and with many others subjetcs as well!!