Message Rishonda

I'm Rishonda, but you can call me Shon! I graduated cum lade with a bachelor's degree in Economics while playing Division I basketball. As the daughter of an English teacher and a Math teacher, I was fortunate enough to receive what I like to call the 'teaching gene.' My passion for tutoring was awakened at an early age and continues to be fueled by loving to see students reach more success than they thought they were capable of! Beyond my extensive knowledge of both SAT Math and English curriculum, I possess a charismatic personality and an ability to relate concepts to my students' personal interests. I have years of tutoring experience and most recently, I have been employed by California State University, Northridge to teach SAT Math and English in a summer enrichment program for High School students. Each of my students receive an initial assessment so that I can identify troublesome concepts and customize a plan of action. These customized plans prioritize attaining constant improvement, eliminating weaknesses, and keeping strong points sharp. I bring all resources with me to sessions, including personalized worksheets and practice tests that simulate a test taking environment. All the student need to bring is a willingness to learn, work ethic, and a pencil! SAT scores play an integral role in college admission decisions. I want to help all of my students get into the best schools possible so that they can be in a position to have successful futures!