10 Study Hacks To Pass

Here are some helpful tips to help you master the art of studying

Good Lighting

This can increase your productivity by 50%. An overhead light might not be enough so you might want to consider a desk or floor lamp with direct light.


Getting enough sleep is key to acing your next exam. Have regular short breaks every 50-90 minutes to help increase focus.

Don’t procrastinate

Start preparing for a test a week before. Use a calendar and write down your study schedule. If you plan out your schedule you’re more likely to do it.

Set a Goal

By setting a goal you set a standard of achievement. Know exactly how well you want to do and try to strive for that goal.

Color Code

Use different colors while taking notes to help differentiate between topics. Use colored note cards to help memorize terms by categories. This works well when studying subjects like biology, chemistry, and anatomy.

Turn Your Phone Off

Avoid any kind of distractions. Study privately and turn your phone off. Avoid all social media while studying. Try to just focus on studying and only studying. It's a lot easier to focus when your phone isn't blowing up every 10 seconds.


This helps to increase blood flow to the brain. Exercise is also perfect for relieving stress. Study for an hour in the morning, go to the gym, then study that night.

Brain food

Having a balanced diet while preparing for a test can give your brain that extra memory boost. Drink coffee or tea to help increase blood flow to the brain. Be careful not have too much caffeine though.

Group Study

When you are confused about certain terms or problems it’s good to study with another person. Two brains are better than one when solving a problem.


Some people think meditation is hard. Don’t compare this kind of meditation to what you think a monk would do. Just take ten minutes to calm your mind and cancel out everything. This helps your brain to reset and prepare it for new information.

Just breathe and be present.

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