How To Study At A Coffee Shop

There's more than just walking into your favorite coffee shop, putting in those headphones and studying. We breakdown how you should be studying at a coffee shop.

When some people hear the words “Starbucks” or “coffee shop” they instantly associate them with studying. Studying at coffee shops has always been popular but now that laptops are easily accessible to everyone they’ve had a huge increase of students coming to study at them. It’s easy, quiet and snacks and caffeine are readily available, assuming you have the walking around money to afford it. But for some, it’s just impossible to study in a coffee shop. Some feel anxious around so many people and can’t concentrate or get too wired on caffeine. Some might just not like the atmosphere or get easily distracted by things online (ie Facebook). Or maybe they’re worried they might run into a friend and have their study flow interrupted. Coffee shops are a great place to study since they usually have comfortable seating, a calm atmosphere and free internet, plus most people there are studying as well so you are less likely to be distracted by loud patrons. However, it can be easy to feel uneasy or unfocused while studying at one. If you’re feeling anxious, try ordering a calming tea like a chamomile to calm your nerves and make you feel more focused. Try to avoid the bar areas because the stools tend to be uncomfortable and will distract you from your studies. Aim for coffee shops with great seating so you are comfortable and undistracted Make sure all your devices are fully charged before going out, but just in case try to sit near a power outlet, so if your laptop or phone gets low on battery you won’t have to spend time looking for an outlet. Try not to order a sweet drink that you’ll drink too quickly. With an empty cup, you might be thinking to yourself that it might be time to leave already even though you’ve only been studying for 15 minutes. If you forgot to eat before showing up, most coffee shops sell snacks that could work as great brain food to stimulate your mind and keep focused. Libraries are also great for studying, but coffee shops are great when you need to study with other students or work on a project since you will usually need to keep your voices down in a library. Many students also don’t have the room at their homes to have 4 or 5 friends over for a long period of time, but you can stay at a coffee shop as long as you want, just make sure to keep buying drinks every now and then if you stay for too long. Coffee shops usually have ample seating and sometimes even sofas and coffee tables, which are perfect for studying with others. Sometimes another customer may even overhear and join the conversation with some positive insight! Coffee shops are some of the most popular places Whiz Tutor App users love to study and teach. They’re perfect for meeting a tutor because they are public, quiet and plentiful enough that there will definitely be one not too far for either of you.

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