Sleep Deep For Better Grades

These quick tips will get you to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and ultimately get better grades. Make the time that you are awake count!

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Sleeping consistently is one of the top things you need to do to get better sleep. Working to go to sleep around the same time at night is a quick way to immediately start sleeping better. Even if you get less sleep, consistent sleep will do more for your memory and creative thinking than inconsistent sleep. For example, it's better to get 7 hours every night sleeping from 11pm - 6am, than to sleep 8 hours every night at random times. Make the most of your time! Get consistent sleep.

Quit Late Night Snacking

Eating too close to bed time is a recipe for terrible sleep. If you do need to eat a late dinner try to keep it nice and light. In general eating really late at night is really bad for your health anyway. Avoid stuffing yourself on hamburgers and pizza just before bed. Anything heavy should be avoided because it's a good way to gain weight and bad grades.

Make a Ritual

Doing the same thing before bed each night can work wonders for getting to sleep quickly and deeply. A great example is reading a book or magazine before bed. Avoid backlit digital screens as much as possible. Read real print stuff or an e-ink device like a kindle if you can.

Get Comfortable

Take the time to make sure you have a cleared sleeping space. Stuff like dirty clothes or school books all over your bed are a sure way to get a bad night of sleep. You want to make sure that your room is nice and dark and slightly cool. A little cold is actually what your body prefers.

Following these simple sleep tips will make sure that you get a great night's sleep. Good sleep will help you study longer and will help you have better recall for tests.

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