How Tutoring Avoids “Summer Learning Loss.”

You can forget up to three months of school material. Here are some tips to save your stress next fall.


One of my favorite times of the year. The summer break allows time for adventures like summer camp, bike rides, beach trips, among other activities the long days can provide. However, precious time can quickly be spend glued to non-productive habits like television or video games. Time is meant to be well spent.

All the knowledge I acquired for the year quickly dissipated when I was not consistently engaged with the material. This attribute is called, “Summer Learning Loss,” was confirmed by a study at John Hopkins University. The study estimated that children can “lose more than two months of reading achievement” over the course of a summer. Similar studies suggested that students can lose up 2.6 months a mathematical achievement. This can significantly impact a child’s development in the classroom, and has shown to produce lower test scores.

Engaging with material over the summer is a preventative measure to avoid Summer Learning Loss. What is the best way to do this? Summer Tutoring.

How does Summer Tutoring prevent Summer Learning Loss?


Having reoccurring sessions provides structure and accountability. Simply reviewing material from the previous school year will keep their minds sharp, and will prevent Summer Learning Loss.

Prepare for Fall 

Not only will summer tutoring retain information from the previous year, but it can help prepare you child for the year to come. This will allow your child to perform ahead of their peers.

Help with study habits and techniques 

Tutors can identify a child’s preferred learning style. Once the school year starts, the tutor can start the year off right by helping your child hit the ground running.

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