How Parents Are Dealing With Common Core

Everyday more and more parents find themselves palming their heads over this, if this is you, don’t worry, you are not alone in this battle

So what are parents doing to help get around this?

1. Watch YouTube tutorial videos

There is a ton of content online that can help you figure out most problems. YouTube is a great source to find that last minute help for homework. However, I do not recommend this method for tests.

2. Talk to the student’s teacher

Teachers are masters at finding online content that can help parents. They have resources that the school provides them.

3. Go to your local Barnes and Noble

Bookstores like Barnes and Noble have resources and books for learning all kinds different curriculum. Research Amazon online for the top how to books.

4. Hire a tutor

Don’t just hire a tutor for your child but for both you. Sit with the tutor while he or she teaches your child. Learn with your child, so you will be more prepared in the future. This will give you the skills to help your child when the tutor is unavailable. You can find great tutors here

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